Marketing Should Move You

Someone tell the suits to quit trying so hard.

The other day I went on looking for some inspiration (yes while I was drinking a whiskey)

I was looking for web development enlightenment and what I found had nothing to do with html and css.

You often see big companies or small companies obsessed with pushing their products.

This curler will curl you hair forever.
This sock will sock your foot for eternity.
This wine will keep you drunk all year.
Some people buy it, I sure as hell do not.

The reality is that no one cares. Consumers are inundated with the same mess from tons of firms and it just does not work. That is why marketing has been a creative field. It is no longer A + B = C, it is F + D = Z and Z is 10 times more sales than C. In layman’s terms, the new age of marketing is triumphing over the dated tactics.

Successful campaigns are creating this feeling:

Trust me I have drank a lot of whiskey.

Next time I am in the liquor store guess what do I plan on buying?

This is a prime example of the product making a statement larger than life. Perhaps you do not comprehend? The short commercial is not about Tullamore Dew. It is about celebrating the moment, celebrating life. Enjoying the time we have, feeling the rain on your face or in this case your whiskey.

Or is this marketing campaign about Tullamore Dew?

That my friend, is a good commercial