Writing A New Website Press Release

As we go through life we learn there is an art to everything. A special approach to making the perfect cup of coffee, grilling an amazing steak and carrying on a productive conversation. More often than not we overlook the artistic approach we should take to crafting a document as simple as a press release.

If you spend some time researching the matter of press releases, you see the formulaic approach exude itself. Insert basic information here, insert quote here, insert motivating paragraph about product/ transaction/ launch / etc. here.

Uhm boring.

Will that drive traffic to your site?

Will that embody your brand?

Will that increase the mailing list signup 10 fold?


Your team has been working on your product for months or years. You know it better than anyone else. The ins and outs, the pros and cons, you have them memorized, they sit on a sticky note pasted to your bathroom mirror.

1. Make sure the press release embodies your site.


The press release may go out to a few writers. It may go out to some friends. Hell it may even go to your local paper. Most importantly it will go on your site. It will be a mission statement of your brand, it will define where you have been and where you will go. It better talk about all the amazing aspects of your website. It better talk about the extraordinary aspects of your company. Get me (the consumer) excited!

2. Bullet point the awesome aspects of your site.


In todays world no matter how much people love your brand, they barely read your content. Make sure you cater to those individuals that are just “too busy” —  highlight the most important points. This will ensure you capture those cool kids that only care about the highlights (or that blogger/ writer that only has 30 seconds to read your email).

3. Make it personal


Yes I know quotes are boring. Though speaking from the heart is never boring. Have someone who is close to the project and values the new site give you a quality quote. Key work, quality. Make sure this embodies how the customer feels so the old customers can relate and the new ones can start using your site. This will ensure the press release has a personal feel.

4. Flaunt your company


Be it at the end or the beginning make sure you write about all the awesome things your company has done or will do. Why do this? If I stumble upon your site what do I want to know? I want to know about your site/company. I just learned about your new website and/or website upgrade. Now I want to know why you are awesome.

The above formula works great for relaunching a site or launching a new site. It does not work best for a new product or app launch. You need a little more excitement than the above formula.