A Sample Restaurant Chart of Accounts that any Business Owner, Bookkeeper or Accountant Can Use

For those of you who know anything about the restaurant industry, you understand “Mise En Place” – a French culinary phrase which means “putting in place” or “everything in its place.” A proper Chart of Accounts functions the same way as an organized restaurant station. Everything has its proper place, everything is conveniently located and it will add value to your business if set up properly.

Most accounting softwares come preloaded with a few different chart of account templates. You will be asked what industry you operate within, and then you will be given a preset chart of accounts. The offerings may have too many accounts and subaccounts, on the other hand, it may have too few. So feel free to use the chart of accounts provided.

Below we will give you complete restaurant chart of accounts and a quick cheat sheet to help your understand the basics of your chart of accounts. This will lead you down the path of generating the best chart of accounts for your business. Let’s be real, at the end of the day, the chart of accounts in QuickBooks is here to serve you.

Below is a quick cheat sheet to help you structure your chart of accounts.

1000 – 1999 Assets

2000 – 2999 Liabilities

3000 – 3999 Equity

4000 – 4999 Income or Revenue

5000 – 5999 Cost of Goods Sold

6000 – 6999 Expenses

7000 – 7999 Other Income

8000 – 8999 Other Expenses


1000 Cash On Hand Bank
1010 Bank Account 1 Bank
1020 Bank Account 2 Bank
1030 Bank Account 3 Bank
1100 Accounts Receivable (A/R) Accounts receivable (A/R)
1150 Credit Card Receivable Other Current Assets
1200 Inventory Other Current Assets
1210 Inventory:Food Inventory Other Current Assets
1220 Inventory:Beverage Inventory Other Current Assets
1230 Inventory:Bar & Consumable Inventory Other Current Assets
1400 Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets
1500 Fixed Asset Computers Fixed Assets
1530 Furniture & Fixtures Fixed Assets
1540 Leasehold Improvements Fixed Assets
1600 Accumulated Depreciation Fixed Assets
1700 Capitalized Start Up Expenses Fixed Assets
1800 Security Deposits Other Assets
2000 Accounts Payable (A/P) Accounts payable (A/P)
2110 Credit Card 1 Credit Card
2120 Credit Card 3 Credit Card
2130 Credit Card 3 Credit Card
2210 Sales Tax Expense Other Current Liabilities
2220 Payroll Clearing New Other Current Liabilities
2230 Accrued Expenses Other Current Liabilities
2250 Payroll Liabilities Other Current Liabilities
2280 Tips Payable Other Current Liabilities
2281 Employee Tips Payable Other Current Liabilities
2300 Gift Cards Outstanding Other Current Liabilities
2400 Notes Payable Other Current Liabilities
3000 Capital Contribution Equity
3010 Capital Contribution:Member A Equity
3020 Capital Contribution:Member B Equity
3030 Capital Contribution:Member C Equity
3040 Capital Contribution:Member D Equity
3300 Retained Earnings Equity
4100 Food Sales Income
4110 Food Sales:Lunch Sales Income
4120 Food Sales:Dinner Sales Income
4130 Food Sales:Food Comps Income
4140 Food Sales:Food Discounts Income
4300 Beverage Sales Income
4310 Beverage Sales:N/A Beverage Income
4320 Beverage Sales:Liquor Sales Income
4330 Beverage Sales:Beer Sales Income
4350 Beverage Sales:Wine Sales Income
4360 Beverage Sales:Beverage Comps Income
4370 Beverage Sales:Beverage Discounts Income
4400 Service/Fee Income Income
4500 Merchandise Sales Income
4600 Catering & contracts Income
5200 Food Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5210 Food Cost:Meat Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5220 Food Cost:Poultry Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5230 Food Cost:Seafood Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5240 Food Cost:Dairy Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5250 Food Cost:Produce Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5260 Food Cost:Frozen Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5280 Food Cost:Grocery Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5300 Beverage Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5310 Beverage Cost:N/A Beverage Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5320 Beverage Cost:Liquor Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5330 Beverage Cost:Beer Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5340 Beverage Cost:Wine Cost Cost of Goods Sold
5400 Merchandise Cost Cost of Goods Sold
6000 Payroll Expenses Expenses
6100 Payroll Expenses:FOH Wages Expenses
6110 Payroll Expenses:FOH Wages:FOH Management Expenses
6120 Payroll Expenses:FOH Wages:FOH Hourly Expenses
6200 Payroll Expenses:BOH Wages Expenses
6210 Payroll Expenses:BOH Wages:BOH Management Expenses
6220 Payroll Expenses:BOH Wages:BOH Hourly Expenses
6300 Payroll Expenses:Administrative Wages Expenses
6500 Payroll Expenses:Employee Benefits Expenses
6550 Payroll Expenses:Employee Meals Expenses
6600 Payroll Expenses:Workmans Comp Expenses
6700 Payroll Expenses:Employers Payroll Taxes Expenses
6800 Payroll Expenses:Payroll Processing Fee Expenses
6900 Payroll Expenses:Contract Labor Expenses
7100 Direct Operating Expenses Expenses
7110 Direct Operating Expenses:China – Glassware – Flatware Expenses
7120 Direct Operating Expenses:Restaurant & Kitchen Supply Expenses
7130 Direct Operating Expenses:Cleaning Supply Expenses
7140 Direct Operating Expenses:Decoration & Guest Supply Expenses
7150 Direct Operating Expenses:Linen Services Expenses
7160 Direct Operating Expenses:Permit & License Expenses
7200 Cleaning Services Expenses
7300 Marketing Expenses Expenses
7310 Advertising and Promotion Expenses
7400 Travel Expenses
7450 Automobile Expenses Expenses
7600 Meals & Entertainment Expenses
7700 POS Fee Expenses
7750 Telephone and Internet Expenses
7800 General and Administrative Expenses
7810 General and Administrative:Bad Debts – Over/Short Expenses
7820 General and Administrative:Bank Fees Expenses
7821 General and Administrative:Bank Fees:Bank Fees – Sub Expenses
7822 General and Administrative:Bank Fees:Merchant Account Fees Expenses
7830 General and Administrative:Insurance Expense Expenses
7850 Legal & Professional Services Expenses
7851 Legal & Professional Services:Accounting Expenses
7852 Legal & Professional Services:Bookkeeping Expenses
7853 Legal & Professional Services:Consulting Fees Expenses
7854 Legal & Professional Services:Legal Fees Expenses
7890 General and Administrative:Office Expenses Expenses
7891 General and Administrative:Office Expenses:Dues & subscriptions Expenses
7892 General and Administrative:Office Expenses:Office Supplies Expenses
8100 Facilities Expenses
8110 Facilities:Rent & Lease Expenses
8120 Facilities:Utilities Expenses
8130 Facilities:Garbage Removal Expenses
8140 Facilities:Pest Control Expenses
8150 Facilities:Repairs and Maintenance Expenses
8200 Equipment Rental Expenses
8600 Sales Tax Expense Expenses
9999 Ask My Accountant Expenses
9900 Interest Earned Other Income
9901 Other Miscellaneous Income Other Income
9000 Taxes and Fees Other Expense

After first review the restaurant chart of accounts can be quite overwhelming, but don’t fret! Remember that the goal is to keep the income statement on one page so you can quickly review the financial performance of your business.

Another key takeaway is to understand that the above can be manipulated to serve your particular business. The Chart of Accounts is fluid and should help your better manage your business, rather than your business running you.

There are many different ways to tackle the world of restaurant accounting as well as many ways to set up your chart of accounts. Focus on the key items that work for your business and ensure you are tracking all your important margins highlighted in the above, like labor, food cost, discounts and food/beverage comps.

Download the above sample Chart of Accounts by clicking here.



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