Zachary Weiner started his startup journey at UNC Chapel Hill by partnering with a group of entrepreneurs to change the way online sports lessons occurred. Upon graduating, he then went on to lead marketing at a boutique commercial real estate firm out of New York. Seeing first-hand how transactions occurred, an interest into finance and turnaround real estate was sparked.

Zac spent the next few years working his way up to Regional Director at an commercial real estate firm through developing and executing the business strategy, operating plans, and budgets. Utilizing a hands-on management strategy, realigning key team members, implementing operational and financial accountability/procedures, Zac was able to see a direct $500k turnaround in less than one year’s time from an underperforming entity. Zac’s world-view, solid financial knowledge, and grit contributed to his success at at the investment firm leading to his management of multi properties and a team of 100 with 8 direct reports.

With a desire to get back to the Big Apple, Zac took an opportunity to serve as CFO of a growing restaurant group with 15 locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. There, he took a 21st Century view of the accounting department – streamlining processes, using technology as a partner, revamping accounting systems and ensuring proper cash management. He instituted a central treasury program to maximize cash flow and developed a cohesive operating budget. By spending considerable amount of time working with the operations staff, and analyzing the big data, Zac was successfully able to phase out underperforming stores, realign operational hours and increase overall profits for the parent company.

Zac left the fast casual group in early 2017. Since then, Zac has been an outsourced financial controller and CFO for startups and small businesses across the country. His clients vary from fundraising/pre-revenue to $10 million in annual sales. Through his multiple best selling books & guides, he has been able to help thousands of small business owners better manage their finances.