At the age of 21, Zac partnered with a group of entrepreneurs to change the way online lesson transactions occurred. He then went on to lead marketing at a boutique commercial real estate firm out of New York. This lead to his foray into finance and turnaround real estate. Successfully managing a team of nearly 100, Zac turned around multiple distressed real estate properties by stabilizing and allowing for the eventual sale. Heading back to New York, Zac served as the CFO of a growing restaurant group with 15 locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

With a passion to get back to his entrepreneurial roots, Zac Weiner helps small and medium sized startups in the New York area with the financial challenges of growing a business. Partnering with e-commerce companies that are doing cool things, Zac ensures that these pioneers make the right choices so they can be around for the long term.

Zac now runs two online accounting services based out of New York and recently published his first e-book (with a second on the way). In addition to being in the fin-tech space, he also has multiple brands operating on Amazon. It’s safe to say he is taking full advantage of the e-commerce wave.