Closing the Books: The Month End Close Accounting and Bookkeeping Checklist

What separates a successful business from a failing one? I get this question all the time from aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners that are working diligently to get to the next level. The answer is extremely simple – systems. A successful business needs systems for on-boarding staff, allocating marketing spend, launching new products and most […]

How to Record Cost of Goods Sold with Shopify (In Quickbooks or Other Accounting Software)

We have previously discussed the numerous ways to record Shopify sales, showcased here. What these blogs have not gone into much detail about was the recording of your Cost of Goods. This can be complicated or easy depending on your products and your accounting for inventory. The following post will show you a quick way […]

How to Record Daily Sales for Your Restaurant (Using Journal Entries)

How to Record Daily Sales for Your Restaurant (Using Journal Entries) Like any business, the overall success and health is driven and maintained by what happens in the “back office.” I know from personal experience that a restaurant can have amazing food, a friendly staff and an awesome location but if the owners/operators don’t have […]

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for Your Startup

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are plagued with a million questions. Where to start your business? How to incorporate? How to pay employees? Which office to lease? And so much more…. At some point you will ask yourself – which accounting software should I use? Below, I will outline the main players in the space […]