Financial Growth Plan

A Financial Growth Plan is an opportunity for us to review the outcomes you want to achieve and discuss the options for you to get there.

There are a number of benefits to working together on a Financial Growth Plan:

We begin bridging the gap between the financial outputs you would like to be getting and the current reporting you have in place
You walk away with actionable reports, checklists and how-to guides crafted for your business

When we work together on a Financial Growth Plan for your business, we’re working together to provide you with expert advice and direction. My job is to give you strategic direction so you know how to get the most out of your accounting department.

At the completion of the Financial Growth Plan, you’ll receive a number of deliverables to help enhance your understanding of the project you need:

  • An overview summarizing the major takeaways of our meeting
  • A video recording of our conversation for you to reference
  • Customized chart of accounts
  • Monthly close checklist build specifically for your business
  • Weekly flash report configurations
  • Sales and expense how-to guides customized for your business
  • A written report offering my insight and expertise on the best path forward for your business



How does a Financial Growth Plan work?

Once you pay, I’ll send you a short questionnaire about your business, the outcomes you’re looking to achieve, and the problems you’re experiencing.

Once I receive your answers, we’ll schedule a time for us to have an in-depth 90-minute workshop conversation about your business over a video call. We’ll discuss your business and the outcomes you’re targeting. On the call, I’ll contribute my insight to your available options and answer any questions you have.

After the call, I’ll send you a short list of follow up questions, as well as a video recording of our call.

Then, I’ll put together a report for you and your business. In this report, I’ll summarize the major takeaways from our meeting and contribute my insight and expertise to the different options at hand for your business and best path for you to follow to achieve your intended outcomes.

You can expect to receive your report along with all other relevant collateral within 7-10 business days of our call.



Who are you?

Stop taking advice about small business accounting from people who’ve only read about it online. Instead, learn what actually works from someone (like me – Zac!) who’s managed small business accounting for varying businesses all over the country.

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Take Action Now

Financial Growth Plans are only $1,000. If you want actionable collateral that will help your business grow, you’ve come to the right place:

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners get their financials in order – and I want to help you get yours in order too. The Financial Growth Plan is an easy way for us to review the outcomes you want to achieve and discuss the options for you to get there.

While many consultants at my level charge thousands for a report like this, I run my business lean, with smaller margins, and pass the savings on to you. Financial Growth Plans are only $1,000 for everyone.



Got any questions? Email me directly at and I’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for reading.